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It may sound like ”portapotty”, but it actually stands for portable web portal. This week’s featured website is, a web-based bookmarking utility. When you find a website you like, you “bookmark” it on your computer, right? But, what do you do when you are at a different computer? With a PortaPortal, you take your bookmarks with you! Then, anywhere you can access the Internet, you have easy access to your favorite websites.

PortaPortals can be either private or public, and public ones can be used in combination with your instruction. For example, if you are teaching a unit on the Renaissance you can create a category in your public PortaPortal called “The Renaissance” and fill it with pre-screened links that will help bring Renaissance history alive for your students! They will be able to access those links anywhere they can access the Internet–you just give them the one link to the portal itself.

Check out our school’s Technology PortaPortal that is filled with links to resources for parents, students, and teachers!

Another equally good web-based bookmarking utility is  Try them both out and pick the one that fits best with your needs and personality!

If you like the idea of a web portal but do not want to maintain another website, the links section of your SchoolFusion webpages can also be set up as a web portal. Quite a few teachers have already done this–setting up unit folders in the links section and then adding links to those folders that enrich their instruction.

When referring to web portals, “showing them to the door” is a very good thing. Web portals take instruction beyond the four walls of your classroom and expand it to…..well….to anywhere and anyplace you and your students can imagine it to be.

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