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Presenter:  Heather Blanton РWise County Public Schools РMathematics Coach

Presentation at – – Tools to create your Personal Learning Network

Idea of PLNs – not new – technology just makes them easier – and you can spend as much or as little time as you want

What is a PLN?

  • PLNs are about what YOU are interested in
  • Group of folks you can collaborate with
  • Where is your network? – With technology comes from all over the world! Can tap in to the knowledge from everywhere and any time – limitless
  • There’s a lot of variety in how to build your PLN
  • Opportunity for differentiated Professional Development – interesting thought – Your PLN IS tailored to YOUR needs

Vide0 – A Brave New World Wide Web (Find Teachertube version so it will open in school)


  • “The dumbest tool you’ll ever love…”
  • In last year’s conference – pulled FIVE(!) pages of resources from people in Twitter PLN
  • Sometimes the best professional development does not occur in the sessions, but in the “backchannels” on Twitter and over lunch/dinner
  • Twitter has transformed how news is being reported

How do you build your network? – Who do you follow?



Social Bookmarking

Second Life

  • MUVE – multi-user virtual environment
  • VSTE Island in SL has a Jamestown simulation! Very cool – Avatar (in life digital persona) can actually visit and explore! –
  • – video about Jamestown settlement in SL
  • There ARE teen islands in Teen SL where different schools are running different projects – creation of civilization/society experiments and projects – good for government and life skills?
  • VSTE members who are running VSTE Island in SL – very active and helpful!


  • “Connecting Learners the world over…”
  • VSTE Webinar Series – not free, but not too expensive, and they are good
  • Classroom 2.0 Live
  • ISTE Webinar Series

Social Aggregators

Additional resources on last slide in presentation (see above link)

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