VSTE – The Content Creating Classroom

Presenter: Matt Monjan from Discovery Education (http://www.discoveryedspeakersbureau.com/node/121) – same gentleman who did yesterday’s presentation at lunch for the ITRTs

This is the general session opening keynote

Creating meaningful content and putting it out there is a 21st century skill

  • 1 trillion unique URLs out there on any given day – that’s a lot of content!
  • Broadcasting Ourselves – 20 hours of video content being uploaded to Youtube every minute!
  • Socializing – Facebook, Myspace, Twitter are the most popular sites right now

Classrooms need to transform into hubs of creativity – Blue Man group school as example (who knew they had a school?!?!) – The Blue School

Finding, analyzing, and synthesizing information in the 21st century – in a way that is relevant to our students – needs to be meaningful to our students – they want to be able to manipulate data (click!) – you can’t click a textbook

Digital Immigrant vs. Digital Native

  • Digital camera vs “Camera” (aren’t they all digital?)
  • Browsing vs. Google (or Youtube, Facebook, MySpace – all verbs)
  • Email vs. Text
  • Phone vs. Cell
  • etc.

Olympics of “texting” – These are the kids in our classrooms – how can we use these skills it to create content in the classroom (instead of banning the tools and sites they are using)

Example – poems in text speak – From TED

Twitter may be blocked – but you can use Discovery Ed Streaming Writing Prompt Builder to do the same type of thing – Also can use the SchoolFusion blogging or wiki tools

Digital Storytelling

  • allow students to demonstrate their grasp of a concept – synthesizing!
  • creative outlet – more higher level thinking
  • great for ELL instruction (we’ve seen this at our school)
  • it is engaging – YouTube-like – “sell” it to students that way

7 elements of Digital Storytelling – not so different that with the written word

  1. Point of View
  2. A Dramatic Question
  3. Emotional Content
  4. Adding Your Voice
  5. Power of a Soundtrack
  6. Economy
  7. Pacing

Student example – Pictures of You – nice! (try to find this video)

Creating digital stories is easier than you think – He is using PhotoBooth – can do it with Adobe Premier, too – can grab video segments from Discovery Streaming for this

Digital Storytelling does not have to be complicated – start with the basics

Web 2.0, Students, and Content Creation – 64% of teens are creating content already

  • Crazy Talkhttp://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/ to create “Who am I?” quiz – nice for SOL review?
  • Podcasting – campaign speeches example – phone.io (http://drop.io/home/phone) – phone in and turns text to mp3 – use for collaborating, podcasting, etc.
  • Glogsterhttp://www.glogster.com/ – Poster yourself – interactive posters – be sure to join the education version
  • Center for Media Literacyhttp://medialit.org/ – alphabet using brands
  • Facebook – Create profiles for literary figures (used Caesar as example – funny!) – create page outside of school, take screen shot, and then use in powerpoint….
  • Wordlehttp://www.wordle.net/ – I’m seeing this EVERYWHERE! – copy/paste speeches, literature, etc, to get/see the main ideas of the passage – copy/paste, but also manipulate = synthesis!


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